216 F, Single-mode (OS2) Gel-Filled, Single-Jacket, Single-Armored Cable - Corning

216 F, Single-mode (OS2) Gel-Filled, ALTOS® Lite™ , Single-Jacket, Single-Armored Cable - Corning

Corning ALTOS® Lite™ single-jacket, single-armored cables are lightweight, reduced-diameter, armored cables designed for direct-buried, duct and aerial (lashed) installation. The loose tube design provides stable performance over a wide temperature range and is compatible with any telecommunications-grade optical fiber.
The single armored construction provides additional crush and rodent protection with a high-strength ripcord under the armor for easy stripping. Gel-Filled means the cables are fully waterblocked using craft-friendly, water-swellable materials which make cable access simple and require no clean up. The flexible, craft-friendly buffer tubes are easy to route in closures, and the SZ-stranded, loose tube design isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors while allowing easy mid-span access. These cables have a medium density polyethylene jacket that is rugged, durable and easy to strip.
Features And Benefits

 • Fiber Category: Single-mode (OS2)
 • Standards: according to National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Article 770
 • Design and Test Criteria: ANSI/ICEA S-87-640
 • Fiber Count: 216
 • Fiber Coloring:Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate, White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet, Rose, Aqua
 • Number of Tube Positions: 18
 • Number of Active Tubes: 18
 • Outer Jacket Color: Black
 • Operation: -40 °C to 70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F )
 • Max. Tensile Strength,: Short-Term 2700 N (600 lbf)
 • Weight: 256 kg/km (172 lb/1000 ft)
 • RoHS: Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2011/65/EU
 • Fiber Category: G.652.D
 • Wavelengths: 1310 nm / 1383 nm / 1550 nm
 • Maximum Attenuation: 0.35 dB/km / 0.35 dB/km / 0.25 dB/km
 • Min. Overfilled Launch (OFL) Bandwidth: 700 MHz*km / 500 MHz*km
 • Minimum Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB): 950 MHz*km / - MHz*km
 • Flexible, craft-friendly buffer tubes
    Facilitate easy routing in closures
 • SZ-stranded, loose tube design
    Isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors and facilitates mid-span access
 • Dielectric central strength member
    No preferential bend and requires no bonding or grounding
 • Medium-density polyethylene jacket
    Rugged, durable and easy to strip (while providing superior protection against UV radiation, fungus, abrasion and other environmental factors)

Part/Number: 216EUC-T4100A20