Fiber Optic Jumper,12 F, Pigtail to LC, MIC® Cable, Riser, 2.0 mm legs - Corning

Fiber Optic Pigtail , 12 F, LC, MIC® Cable, Riser,2.0 mm legs, 50 µm multimode (OM3), 5 m

Corning offers the most complete line of connectors and factory-terminated cables, from single-fiber jumpers to high-fiber-count assemblies. As the industry’s leading supplier of cable assemblies, Corning’s state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensures unsurpassed connector performance with products that meet or exceed all industry standards for reflectance and insertion loss.Multifiber cable assemblies are offered with a variety of cable and connector combinations. Options include LC, SC, FC, ST, MT-RJ and MTP® connectors. RoHs compliant indoor, outdoor (loose tube), indoor/outdoor and ribbon cables are available. Additional detailed furcation images are available in the Cable Assembly Family Specification Sheet.
Corning’s preterminated assemblies use only high-quality
Corning optical fibers to ensure total performance quality.
Features and Benefits:
 • Flame-retardant jacket
   Rugged and durable
 • Superior Performance Testing
   Every termination is tested to ensure the highest in network performance
 • State-Of-The-Art Manufacturing Processes
   Corning proprietary manufacturing processes and advanced technology result in unsurpassed product consistency
 • Corning advantage
   Integrated developer and manufacturer of cable, connectors and fiber to ensure overall cable assembly performance
 •  Connector Type: LC • Ferrule Material: Ceramic •  Housing Material: Composite •  Housing Color: Black •  Boot Color: Aqua •  Length: 5 m •  Fiber Count: 12 •  Outer Jacket Color: Aqua •  Polish: PC •  Insertion Loss, Typical: 0.35 dB

Part/Number: 000312T8120005M