OpDAT duplex, Patch cord, Single mode, OS2, SC D - METZ Connect

OpDAT duplex, Patch cord, Single mode, OS2, 9/125 µm, SC D

Features And Benefits

 • single mode fiber OS2, E9/125 µm, bend insensitive according to IEC 60793-2-50 type B6_a and B6_b and G.657.A2 and B2, compatible to G.652.D
 • All fibers are bend insensitive.
 • single mode patch cord I-V(ZN)H E9/125 OS2
 • Duplex patch cords are logically crossed as a standard (A->B, B->A), logically uncrossed patch cords available on request.
 • SC and LC connectors of duplex patch cords are always connected by duplex clips, ST are supplied without clips.
 • Available in lengths between 0.5 to 20 m. The use of duplex connection cables is recommended for lengths of more than 20 m because of the higher mechanical strength.
 • Low smoke, halogen free, flame retardant cable jacket (LSHF-FR)
 • outer diameter 2.0 x 4.2 mm
 • cable color: yellow
 • Insertion loos : max. 0.3 dB
 • Return loos : min. 50 dB
 • duplex cord as zip-cord (figure 8) with two tight buffered fibers and aramide strain relief 100 % tested
 • Single mode patch cords are tested by 100 % on insertion loss and return loss at 1310 and 1550 nm. An interferometer measurement is done in addition.
 • The measurement is followed by a final visual control of the connectors according to IEC 61300-3-35.
 • All patch cords are provided with a serial number and a barcode. This allows traceability and measured values can be made available at any time.

Part/Number: 151P1EOEOXXE