OpDAT ADT splice 1xLC-D APC OS2 - METZ Connect

OpDAT ADT splice 1xLC-D APC 9/125 (OS2) with laser protection, pigtails OS2 placed and stripped

Features And Benefits

 • Compact, universal fiber optic connection unit to mount at flush-mount or cavity wall outlets, for surface or rail mounting
 • Equipped with adapters with laser shutter and single mode pigtails to splice at FITH cables with single mode fibers
 • Pigtails with single mode fiber OS2, E9/125 µm bend insensitive according to IEC 60793-2-50 Type B6_a and B6_b and G.657.A2 and B2 compatible to G.652.D
 • Unused cutout are closed by blind plugs
 • Cable entry possibilities: from the back, top, bottom, left or right
 • With integrated clips for rail mounting in two directions
 • Swiveling, removable splice tray for 4x shrink splice protections
 • Cover can be removed without tool
 • Plug direction 90°
 • Color of the cover parts: pure white RAL 9010
 • Fastening material and 4x shrink splice protection are included in delivery
 • Variants: equipped with 2 or 4 adapters, with 2 blind plugs or without, with 2 or 4 pigtails (1/2/4xLC-D, 2/4xSC)

Part/Number: 1501197G01HS