OpDAT compact Wall outlets - METZ Connect

OpDAT Wall mounted splice - METZ Connect

Features And Benefits

 • fiber optic wall outlet for wall conduits with adapters
 • equipped with 1xQ-LC, 1xSC-D or 1xST-D
 • outlet direction 45° downwards
 • for fiber optic adapters with flange fastening (no clips)
 • strain-free, protected positioning of the fiber optic plugs in the interior of the cable duct
 • strain relief using cable ties
 • central piece 50 x 50 mm to DIN 41075 part 1:1989
 • label window for enclosed identification labels
 • bending radius > 20 mm for fiber optic cables are met in combination with mounting bracket
 • suitable for preassembled cables and on-site assembly of plugs
 • standard color: pure white RAL 9010

 • variants: 1xQ-LC, 1xSC-D or 1xST-D

Part/Number: 150120XXXX-E
Part Number Product Details Type
1501207202-E OpDAT 4 Ek LC-Q MM (ceramic) pure white Wall outlets
150120C202-E OpDAT 2 Ek SC-D MM (ceramic) pure white Wall outlets
1501204102-E OpDAT 2 Ek ST-D MM (Ph-Br) pure white Wall outlets