OpDAT HP 6xSC-D APC OS2 splice, without lock - METZ Connect

OpDAT HP 6xSC-D APC 9/125 (OS2) splice, without lock, size S - METZ Connect

Features And Benefits

 • Fiber optic splice and distributor housing to be used as building transition point
 • Equipped with SC-D adapters and SC pigtails
 • Cover locking by locking latch, can be sealed
 • Cover can be very easily removed to facilitate mounting
 • Splice tray for easy mounting and maintenance with a maximum of protection of the fibers with fiber transposition option and place to store fiber excess lengths
 • Color : Green
 • Available with or without lock
 • Insertion loos : max. 0.3 dB
 • Return loos : min. 65 dB
 • Strain relief for cables and patch cords
 • With mounting and fastening option for gas and/or water blockers
 • Patch cord output with flexible lamella seal
 • Two cable entries for M20/25, one M20 cable gland included
 • Fastening option for optical couplers
 • Structured ASA (acrylic ester-styrene-acrylonitrile) in RAL 7035, extremely resistant plastic material, impact resistant and weatherproof
 • Protection class according to IEC 60529: IP54
 • Variants: equipped with up to 6 SC-D adapters and up to 12 SC pigtails, each in blue (OS2) or SC-D APC adapters in green (OS2)

Part/Number: 150359F206-E