EDGE™ Port Replication Housing - CORNING

EDGE™ Port Replication Housing - Corning

EDGE™ port replication housing is optimized to support storage area networks (SAN) and local area network (LAN) switches. When deployed in a cross-connect structured cabling solution, EDGE port replication housing provides one-to-one port management replication of high-density switches and SAN directors. Designed to mimic the director/switch port layout, EDGE port replication housing simplifies patching, as ports are easier to find and can be managed at a single administration point. Modular construction allows line card panels to be installed horizontally or vertically and optional blank panels provide customization to match unique vendor equipment layouts.
Features And Benefits

 • EDGE strain relief locations in rear of housing
    Allows for quick installation of trunks
 • Mimics director/switch layout of line card format
    Patching is simplified
 • Flexible housing configuration
    Allows re-use of housings and components
 • Modular panel configuration
    Allows a single panel to support multiple port count director line cards
 • One housing for all configurations
    One housing/panel/module type for all directors/switches
 • Shallow depth (9”)
    Enables installation in back-to-back configurations and custom frames
 • Flexible integrated strain-relief for trunks
    Enables mounting of trunks internally to housing

Part/Number: EDGE-10U-PRH
Part Number Product Details Housing Type
EDGE-10U-PRH 10 rack units, holds up to 11 EDGE-CP8B-PRH or EDGE-BLNK-PRH panels EDGE™ HD