EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module - CORNING

EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module - Corning

EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Modules are used to break out the 40G SR4 ports to create a 10G fabric, eliminating the need to break the MTP® into LC connectivity. The mesh modules contain four 8-fiber MTP's in the rear for mating to backbone trunks and break out to four 8-fiber MTP's in the front for connectivity to the electronics. These modules allow customers to take advantage of higher port densities per switch with lower power consumption and a lower cost per 10G port, as well as improves their ability to create port diversification when using QSFP+ transceivers for 1-G applications.
Features And Benefits

 • Connector modules
    Allow for fiber modularity while offering both front- and rear-loading capability
 • Four 8-fiber MTP inputs shuffled to four 8-fiber MTP outputs
    75% less rack space required
 • SR4 and PSM4 mesh without breaking connections out into LC connectivity
    75% less congestion at MDA
 • Integrates into all EDGE housings
    10% less insertion loss in link and 5% less cost to deploy than traditional breakout to LC connectivity

Part/Number: EMM-XX32-XXXXX
Part Number Product Details Panels & Modules
EMM-SM32-8989G 32 F, MTP® APC to MTP APC, Bend-improved Single-mode (OS2) EDGE™ HD
EMM-MM32-9393Q 32 F, MTP® to MTP, 50 µm multimode (OM4) EDGE™ HD