DCCS2 BGT 19 inch 1RU subrack black - METZ Connect

DCCS2 BGT 19 inch 1RU subrack black - Housing - METZ Connect

Features And Benefits

 • 19 inch 1UH subassembly frame to mount up to eight DCCS2 subassemblies
 • very high packaging density: up to 48 RJ45 ports or 48 fiber optic duplex couplers (96 fibers)
 • black, powder coated steel sheet frame
 • port numbering from 1 to 48
 • port numbering remains in place when DCCS2 Twisted Pair and DCCS2 FO subassemblies are mounted
 • enclosed grounding kit
 • downward compatible to DCCS with low mounting effort
 • mounting version: DCCS2, DCCS and double DCCS

Part/Number: 130D2B1B-E