Optical Corning-power meter LTK-400-Series

Optical Power Meter Corning LTK-400 Series

The Corning LTK-400 series offers a complete, cost-effective solution for link-loss testing of both multimode and single-mode systems for those users who do not require data storage capabilities. The LTK offers unparalleled performance by combining a source that has one of the highest output powers in the industry with a meter that has 10 calibrated wavelengths from 830 to 1625 nm. The automatic wavelength detection mode allows the power meter to automatically detect/switch to the wavelength being transmitted by the source and has automatic offset nulling under normal temperature and humidity conditions. Both the source and meter have field-interchangeable port adapters and can be powered by standard AA alkaline batteries or by the supplied AC power adapters. The rugged handheld design can withstand the harshest testing environments while the product warranty and recommended three-year calibration interval result in reduced ownership cost. The LTK-400 series meter and sources are sold individually or packaged as test kits. These test kits include everything needed to test “right out of the box” including the following:

  •  OS-400 series source and OM-410 meter
  •  SC and ST® compatible source and meter adapters
  •  SC and ST compatible jumpers
  •  SC and ST compatible adapters
  •  62.5 and 50 μm test mandrels
  •  Alkaline batteries and AC power supplies
  •  Cleaning supplies in a storage case
  •  Padded carrying case and user’s manual

Applicable Fiber Types : SMF, MMF, DSF, NZ-DSF, BIF/UBIFRibbon

Part/Number: LTK-4MDSD