EXFO Handheld Testers — FiberBasix 50

EXFO Handheld Testers — FiberBasix 50

FiberBasix 50 Handheld Testers deliver simple, accurate measurement of signal attenuation during fiber-optic cable installation. Buy the ELS-50 Light Source or EPM-50 Power Meter individually, or choose from five test kits designed for specific users/testing needs: LAN, outside plant, contractors, FTTH and CATV.

Key Features

  •  Easy-to-use interface for error-free testing
  •  Interchangeable connectors, for first-class flexibility
  •  Cost-effective, rugged and highly reliable
  •  Ideal for testing and troubleshooting optical premises networks
  •  Five test kits to choose from: LAN, outside plant, contractor, FTTH and CATV
  •  Link-loss characterization (ELS-50 Light Source)
  •  Power measurement (EPM-50 Power Meter)

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Part/Number: EPM-5X-PMA-22-XX