DFX® Fiber Optic Cable, Riser - Corning

DFX® Riser Cables, 2-Fiber - Corning

Corning DFX® cables have two 900 μm tight-buffered fibers surrounded by aramid yarn strength members in a flexible flame-retardant jacket. These cables meet the application requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 770 and are OFNR and FT-4 listed. DFX cables are ideal for interconnect applications.
Features And Benefits
 • Two 900 μm tight-buffered fibers
   Small 2.9 mm package
 • Flexible 2-fiber cable
   High-density interconnect applications
 • Approval and Listings: National Electrical Code® (NEC®) OFNR, FT-4
 • Design and Test Criteria: ANSI/ICEA S-83-596

Part/Number: 002X71-31XXX-24
Part Number Product Details Fiber Count
002E71-31331-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OS2 2
002J71-31331-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OS2 2
002K71-31330-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OM1 2
002T71-31331-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OM2 2
002T71-31380-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OM3 2
002T71-31390-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OM4 2
002T71-31391-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,extended 10G distance (OM4) 2
002U71-31331-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,OS2 ClearCurve® 2
002Z71-31331-24 DFX® Cable, Riser,SMF-28® Ultra fiber OS2 2