UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free Interlocking Armored Fiber Optic Cable - Corning

UltraRibbon™ , Gel-Free, Interlocking Armored Cables, Riser - Corning

Corning UltraRibbon™ riser gel-free interlocking armored cables continue the innovative breakthrough in indoor cable technology with a new generation of high-fiber-count single tube cables. Encased in spirally wrapped aluminum interlocking armor for ruggedness and superior crush resistance, these cables are ideal for industrial and heavy traffic areas and installations requiring extra protection for optical cables. A specially formulated flame-retardant jacket allows this cable the flexibility to be used in indoor general purpose horizontal and riser applications.
The cable consists of a single buffer tube containing a stack of up to eighteen 24-fiber ribbons. Available in fiber counts from 288 to 432, each 24-fiber ribbon can be easily separated by hand into two 12-fiber ribbons. The 12-fiber ribbons have readily identifiable ribbon IDs, fiber colors and geometries that result in excellent mass-splicing yields.
Features And Benefits
 • Each 12-fiber ribbon individually numbered
   Easy identification
 • Precise fiber and ribbon geometries in a gel-free design
   Excellent mass splicing yields
 • Flame-retardant jacket
   Rugged and durable
 • Flexible interlocking armor
   More than seven times the crush protection compared to non-armored cables
 • Approvals and Listings: National Electrical Code® (NEC®) OFNR, CSA FT-4
 • Common Installations: Indoor vertical riser and general purpose horizontal according to National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Article 770
 • Design and Test Criteria: ANSI/ICEA S-83-596

Part/Number: XXXXV7-141XX-DA1
Part Number Product Details Fiber Count
288EV7-14101DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OS2 288
288TV7-14180DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM3 288
288TV7-14190DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM4 288
288TV7-14191DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,extended 10G distance OM4 288
360EV7-14101DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OS2 360
360TV7-14180DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM3 360
360TV7-14190DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM4 360
360TV7-14191DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,extended 10G distance OM4 360
432EV7-14101DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OS2 432
432TV7-14180DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM3 432
432TV7-14190DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,OM4 432
432TV7-14191DA1 UltraRibbon™ Riser Interlocking Armored,extended 10G distance OM4 432