LSZH™ UltraRibbon™ Indoor Gel-Filled Fiber Optic Cable Riser, - Corning

UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free Cables, 288-432 Fibers - Corning

Corning UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free Cables continue the innovative breakthrough in indoor cable technology with a new generation of high-fiber-count single tube cables. Providing up to 432 fibers in a rugged, compact design, the cable maximizes the use of critical duct space and can easily fit in 1.25-in inner duct. A specially formulated flame-retardant jacket allows this cable to be used in indoor general purpose horizontal and riser applications. The cable consists of a single buffer tube containing a stack of up to eighteen 24-fiber ribbons. The 24-fiber ribbons can be easily separated by hand into two 12-fiber ribbons. The 12-fiber ribbons have readily identifiable ribbon IDs, fiber colors, and precise geometries that result in excellent mass-splicing yields.
Features And Benefits
• Color-coded fibers
   Quick and easy identification
 • 12-fiber groupings
   Compatibility with multifiber connectors
 • All-dielectric construction
   Requires no grounding or bonding
 • Approvals and Listings: National Electrical Code ®(NEC®) OFNR, CSA FT-4
 • Common Installations Indoor vertical riser and general purpose horizontal according to National Electrical Code® (NEC®) Article 770
 • Design and Test Criteria: ANSI/ICEA S-83-596

Part/Number: XXXXVZ-141XX-D20
Part Number Product Details Fiber Count
288EV7-14101D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OS2 288
288TV7-14180D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM3 288
288TV7-14190D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM4 288
288TV7-14191D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,extended 10G distance OM4 288
360EV7-14101D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OS2 360
360TV7-14180D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM3 360
360TV7-14190D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM4 360
360TV7-14191D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,extended 10G distance OM4 360
432EV7-14101D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OS2 432
432TV7-14180D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM3 432
432TV7-14190D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,OM4 432
432TV7-14191D20 UltraRibbon™ Riser Gel-Free,extended 10G distance OM4 432