SST™ Central Tube Steel Armour Outdoor Cable- Corning

SST™ Central Tube Steel Armour Outdoor Cable - Corning
12F G50 MMF ClearCurve® OM3 CT 3.0

Corning central tube cables with corrugated steel armouring are designed for outdoor use for campus, city and intercity backbones in duct and direct burial installations.
The central tube cable construction, by isolating the fibres from installations and environmental rigors, provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters. The fibres are colour coded for quick and easy identification.
The cable construction, based on a central buffer tube, is very compact, light, flexible and ideal for connections requiring a moderate fibre count.These cables are designed for installation in conduits, ducts and for direct burial.
Features And Benefits

 • Waterblocking technology
    Outside Plant (OSP) applications
 • UV and microbe resistant
    Can be directly buried or installed in ducts
 • Corrugated steel armouring
    Rodent, mechanical protection and direct buried applications
 • Small diameter and bend radius
    Easy installation in space-constrained areas
 • Fibres colour coding to Telcordia-Bellcore
    Easy identification of the individual fibres
 • Min. overfilled launch (OFL) bandwidth 1500 MHz*km / 500 MHz*km
 • Minimum effective modal bandwidth (EMB) 2000 MHz*km / -
 • Induced attenuation @: 7.5 mm radius < 0.2 dB / -
 • Typical attenuation: 2.4 dB/km / 0.8 dB/km
 • Serial 1 gigabit ethernet: 1000 m / 600 m
 • Serial 10 gigabit ethernet: 300 m / 333 m

Part/Number: 012TEC-13188A20